Join the "Feed The World (Screensaver)" movement

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Join the "Feed The World (Screensaver)" movement

Poslať od quickshadow2 » Str Okt 24, 2007 6:52 pm

Recently i came across a unique screensaver which earns money for charity when it runs, below is what was written in its accompanying read me file

"Dear Kind Soul,

Thank you for deciding to install this screensaver, this screensaver is capable of generating up to US$1 an hour, depending on your internet connection speed, as it is basically a sponser and web based initiative.

All the revernue generated would be put to good use feeding the world, in terms of providing food for the world's people and their families, thus we urge you to keep this screensaver on as long as possible, as often as possible.

As a sign of appreciation for your efforts, we have included some relaxing music that would play simultaneously with the screensaver, to sooth your nerves and help you along with life.

Yours Sincerely,
People Of Love"

I felt that this was a worthy cause, thus decided to post it to as man people i could, you can download this unique screensaver from anyone of the download links listed below ... _.scr.html ... -.scr.html ... -.scr.html ... 24415/Feed The World 28Screensaver).scr

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Re: Join the "Feed The World (Screensaver)" moveme

Poslať od qth » Štv Okt 25, 2007 9:21 am

99% spam...