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Our company based in the UK, Cambridge is looking for mathematician/physicist/software engineer.

1. Personality:

The candidate should be able to work as part of a team. We have a strong team and we want to preserve that

Willingness to undertake any task which is within their ability and which is for the good of the company and the team

Being customer focused and adaptability to varying customer demands are essential

Willingness to work on simple as well as complex development tasks

1. Technical background and qualifications:


1. A sound mathematician who has experience and aptitude in engineering applications, or
2. A scientist or engineer with a strong mathematical background

Aptitude for software development

Aptitude for technical support

1. Experience:

Good experience of numerical methods and mathematical modelling

Experience of working with large software

Knowledge of Fortran and C++

International aplicants with work permit status for UK are welcome.

Please mail to the following andress: your CV, Cover letter and answers to the following questions.

1. We are a software company. Are you interested in software development? Have you written any software? What programming languages are you familiar with?

2. Did you do any project work as part of your degree? What was the subject of your project?

3. What topics did you study in numerical methods? Did you use the methods you studied in any actual applications?

4. Did you study any topics in fluid mechanics?

5. I have one technical question. What does the term ‘stability’ in numerical methods mean to you?

6. What did you enjoy most in your degree?

To apply: