Praca v office pre zdravotnikov alebo veterinarov

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Praca v office pre zdravotnikov alebo veterinarov

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Job Title: Health Consultants and/or Veterinary Health Consultants
Location Hammersmith, London
Business Unit Pharma Services

Role Overview
The successful post holder will provide motivational support to patients/customers enrolled on our support programmes, maximising the duration of their term on the program, whilst meeting service level agreements.

Key Competencies
Customer service - Actively listens and seeks information, identifies customer/client need and checks understanding, builds rapport, develops relationships with key customers/clients, confident in building relationships at all levels.

Teamwork - Actively encourages a team culture, provides honest and constructive feedback, performs own team duties responsibly and effectively, builds trust, actively listens and checks understanding.

Communication - Actively listens, checks understanding, uses language and tone appropriate for the audience, expresses ideas clearly and logically, builds rapport, manages the emotions of self and others.

Compassion - Genuinely cares about people, available and ready to help, sympathetic to the plight of others not as fortunate, demonstrates real empathy with the joys and pains of others.

Integrity – Widely trusted, honest and open yet retains confidential information, seen to be truthful, honest whilst avoiding brutality.

Pressure tolerance - Maintains performance under pressure, manages stress, identifies ways to reduce work stress, uses appropriate coping mechanisms.

Attention to detail - Follows established procedure, develops systems to check accuracy such as checklists, uses quality assurance techniques.

Adaptability - Successful performance in changing environments, positive attitude to change, willing to use new techniques, modifies behaviour successfully in response to change.

Required Experience - Health Consultant

• Some experience at D Nursing grade, or equivalent.

• Equivalent will also include a similar level within another relevant Healthcare discipline e.g. Dietician, Exercise Physiologist.

• Demonstrate, through track record, the ability to obtain, record and maintain accurate information e.g. patient notes, statistical information

• A demonstrated ability to motivate patients/customers in order to assist them in achieving their goals

• Achieve and maintain agreed personal performance indicators and client service levels

• Experience of managing short term projects that benefit patient care and support

Required Experience - Veterinary Health Consultant

Holds a considerable amount of Veterinary Nurse experience, ideally with some recognised qualifications.
Able to demonstrate an ability to motivate others in order to assist them in achieving their goals
Computer literacy
Demonstrate, through track record, the ability to obtain, record and maintain accurate information e.g. notes, statistical information
Able to work within a client focused and driven environment