TNT FUSION - nový časopis pre východoeurópanov v Londýne

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TNT FUSION - nový časopis pre východoeurópanov v Londýne

Poslať od Perinbaba » Ned Jan 22, 2006 6:23 pm

"LONDON - TNT Group, which produces titles for homesick Australians living in London, is to launch a new magazine targeting Eastern Europeans who have moved in their thousands to the capital.

Fusion magazine will launch in February as a free weekly. Published in English, it is aimed at nationals of countries including Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Slovenia.

The magazine is to be edited by Klara Smolova, a former editor-in-chief of the Prague Tribune. It will include information on living and working in London as well as news from the UK and Eastern and Central Europe.

Mark Goddard, managing director of TNT Group, said: "While we are aware of the potential size of this market with nearly 500,000 Eastern and Central Europeans in the UK at present, during our market research we were amazed by the true size and depth of English-speaking talent.

"The mindset of English businesses has also changed dramatically in the last six months and we have created a vehicle to facilitate communication between the advertiser and the Eastern and Central European audience."

TNT Group is behind the well-established TNT magazine, which is widely read by young Australians establishing themselves in London. The company is part of the Guardian Media Group.

Fusion will have a print run of 60,000 and will be distributed using the existing TNT bin-distribution method throughout London."

Nedajte si ho ujst! Prve cislo bude von na konci februara.